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Crystals A-C

Agate (Blue Lace)

The gentle and soft energy from this crystal has a calming and supportive affect. Blue lace agate is a wonderful crystal to use if you are trying to communicate with your angels, spirit guides or higher realms. It will help you attain a higher state of consciousness, while bringing you peace and serenity.  

Blue lace agate will help calm your emotions when you feel anxious, nervous or stressed. Blue lace agate has a powerful connection to the throat chakra. If you struggle with overthinking and fear of judgement from others working with Blue lace agate will assist you to feel confident enough to speak up, express your true feelings and share your ideas.


Amethyst: Stone of Spirituality 

Amethyst is a wonderful aid in meditation, it will differ your banal thoughts and transform them into tranquility. This stone relieves stress, balances mood swings, and soothes irritability. Amethyst helps you to relax your mind and speak your truth. Use this stone to help ease anxiety, lift depression, and rid physical or psychology pain.

Agate (Moss)

Moss agate has been seen as a stone of abundance and is known for the benefits it produces for farmers and their crops. In many cultures this form of Agate has been seen as the crystals of gardeners and agriculture so this is a great stone for all of you green thumbs! Just like plants provide us with certain vitamins we need, Moss Agate is similar helping with treating infections, colds and flus as well as being an anti-inflammatory. If you find yourself in the middle of chaos all the time this is the perfect stone for you, it can help bring tranquility to your life and rid negative energy from your aura.

Amethyst (Chevron)

Chevron amethyst

This is a combination of white quartz and amethyst. Offers willpower and strength. Beneficial for third eye and crown chakra, making it far more stronger working with our higher chakras. This stone will increase vividness with dreams and imagination and help one better understand their “higher self,” pushing us to be the person we truly want to be. Aids in healing past-life trauma, assists in communication with your spirit, and enhances meditation.


Amazonite: “Stone of courage, and the Stone of truth” these gentle healing properties help you read both sides of a situation or problem. It’s energies deepen your compassion for self and others. Amazonite will help with your expression and communication when you can’t seem to turn thoughts into words. Amazonite is known to attract money and success into the holders life


Use this beautiful stone when working with your crown, 3rd eye, or throat chakra. Angelite enhances communication with yourself, others and higher realms. Said to balance the thyroid and parathyroid, shake off throat infections, help with headaches and aids in weight loss. Angelite is a highly evolved form of Celestite that has been compressed for millions of years. Where Celestite is used to connect to spiritual realms, Angelite is used to connect to angelic realms. This is a perfect crystal for those on their spiritual journey trying to find your spiritual purpose and higher self. This calming and gentle light blue stone brings peace of mind, positive vibes and forgiveness, and heart full of compassion and warns off anxiety and anger.



“Stone of manifestation” 

Turn your ideas into reality, increase motivation and achieve your goals when you meditate and set your intentions on this stone. Apatite also also enhances self-expression, patience, communication, removes negative thoughts about yourself and replaces them with encouragement! Apatite is amazing for assisting you in your health and wellness journey and is known to assist in weight loss!

Aventurine (Green)

Green Aventurine: Stone of Opportunity and Success

This is an all around healing stone. Green Aventurine has a gentle grounding effect, and is great in manifesting prosperity and wealth as well as  attracting luck and fortune. This stone aids in releasing old disappointments and will support emotional recovery. Make your own luck with the help of Green Aventurine.


Aquamarine: This beautiful stone gets its name from the sea. It is a very calming and relaxing stone that can assist you in stressful times such as public speaking. Especially great for those who are constantly in front of a crowd; teachers, public speakers, performers. Your communication skills will be amplified; allowing you to remain cool headed, compassionate, speak with conviction but also compassion. Aqua will help you release those fears of self doubt or judgment from others so you can speak clearly and confidently. Aquamarine is also known for its excellent ability to help you remain calm and collected when you tend to feel overwhelmed by responsibilities. Another added benefit of Aqua is its ability to help you “let go” and work through past emotional trauma; experiences that continue to follow you and never seem settled. Aquamarine is a gentle stone, with healing properties that never seem to end.


Heighten your intuition and stimulate your creativity with this magical stone. If you are seeking change this transformative stone is a great tool to help you achieve your goals, take action and change your life to your desired one. Azurite will challenge you to ask questions about your current self and the path you are on. Azurite brings clarity to individuals to help you have a fresh outlook on life. Azurite is also an emotional cleanser; it will assist you in healing from past trauma. Azurite will help you purge what no longer serves your highest self. This specific stone takes in a lot of energy especially if mixed with Malachite; be sure to cleanse regularly to keep it working at its highest power. Azurite absorbs unwanted energy so it is a great stone to keep near your TV, microwave, wifi router and computer to help with the radiation.

Aventurine (Blue)

Blue Aventurine can be used to overcome selfishness, bad habits and brings inner strength. This healing stone helps you find your psychic gifts. This is highly recommended for someone working on their 3rd eye chakra or throat chakra. It removes what is blocking your 3rd eye so it can be opened and amazing when used for dream work. This is a very powerful stone for those battling addictions as it assists you by helping you make clearer decisions, take responsibility and brings self-discipline and inner strength. If you find yourself struggling with communication this gentle stone is great for communicating to others around you, as well as yourself.

Calcite (Blue)

Blue calcite

A stone to use to help calm those who suffer from stress and anxiety. Blue calcite is mainly a stone of communication although amazing for healing, recovery and development. The calming affects will provide soothing energy to your aura as well as sooth rough parts in any types of relationships. The blues connected to your throat chakra will help guide you to express your ideas and emotions with honesty, speak clearly with confidence and feel less shy. Blue calcite is the perfect stone to help you communicate with higher realms, explore your psychic abilities and have a clearer understanding of the messages from your spirit guides. Just by having this blue calcite in your purse, pocket or even touching it can help you focus on your intentions. This crystal aids in boosting your memory, strengthening your immune system, reducing blood pressure and stabilizes heart rhythm. Extremely helpful for those studying sciences or arts.

Calcite (Green/Pistachio)

This Stone is extremely helpful for women to meditate with when they find themselves off balance and will help the user re-Center themselves. Calcites are known as a seeker builder Crystal which means they are used to assist you in achieving your desired goals like; buying a home, finding self-love, finding your dream job. Green calcites utilize wood energy (part of the 5 elements chart) which is the energy of growth, expansion, and new beginnings. Typically used to balance the east end of your house and help the feng Shui of a room


Stone of Abundance 

This gorgeous stone releases negative traits like depression, fears and phobias. It promotes motivation as enhances concentration while also enhancing a positive flow of energy through the body. Citrine is an essential stone of the sacral chakra making it the perfect pairing for creativity and manifestation. Improves blood circulation so it’s great for people who are always cold. Detoxifies your body and is also great for digestion. 

Calcite (Caribbean)

“The stone of calm and Balance” 

The extremely calming energies 

associated with Caribbean Calcite will soothe anxieties and tension to the user. This beautiful crystal will help free you from self inflicted blockages; allowing you to release your passions and inner child. Caribbean Calcite will help enhance your consciousness and psychic abilities by evolving your feeling of “knowing”. This happens by unblocking your Third Eye and Throat chakras. You will feel more aware, more in tune with yourself and your surroundings as well as an increased focus and guidance.


Stabilizing Stone

Helps you overcome any type of abuse and will help you trust yourself and your beliefs. Carnelian sharpens concentration, memory, creativity, and sociability. This beautiful stone promotes courage and leadership. It also gives you a confidence boost and allows you to go after what you truly desire, leading you to great success. Carnelian is a lovely stone to aid those who suffer with lower back pain, arthritis, and depression.

Calcite (Honey)

Calcite is a stone of amplification. Honey Calcite is a gentle stone that brings courage, self worth, confidence and helps us overcome obstacles in life. As this is an amplifying stone, it’s amazing when used for meditation and manifestation because Honey Calcite focuses and clams the mind, Quickens spiritual growth, vibration stabilizer, cleanses negative energy and attunes us to higher frequencies. This beautiful golden stone is said to boost memory and useful in studies and learning a new skill.


Its name is derived from Latin word Caelestis, meaning "heavenly”. This stone is said to connect us to our higher self, and contact our guardian angles for guidance in life. The beautiful baby blue colours make the stone perfect for meditation and bring the user a very calming affect. If you are having trouble sleeping, this is the perfect stone to keep beside your bed to ward off insomnia or nightmares.  Celestite is here to soothe your stress and assist you in the hardest times life has to offer, keep this stone near by and feel the beautiful energy that it has to offer.

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