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About the Crystals

Scroll down and take a moment to learn about the crystals shape and its significance. 



Heart shaped crystals send out a very soft and loving energy. Connected to the heart chakra, this shape is good for those who are sensitive to the energies of crystals. The Gentle energy will bring you peace and harmony.



Pyramids have been around for about 4,500 years; this is an ancient relic that holds so much spiritual significance. Pyramids were used to house the dead and it was believed that death was just the start of one’s journey. Using a crystal pyramid will light your aura and increase your vibrations. The base of the pyramid has very grounding and stabilized energy while still allowing energy to flow to the top. Pyramids connect all chakras, making us feel in tune with our higher self while still being grounded. This is an amazing shape for manifesting your hopes and dreams!



Spheres and Crystal balls that have been sculpted into a sphere shape represent wholeness, completion and brings balance to our soul. This shape releases positive energy in all directions. Fun tips: Spin clockwise three times a day for full benefit and try using your sphere as a massage tool. 



A polished crystal means that your once raw crystal has gone through the polishing process. The crystal still emits the same energy as before but it sparkles a bit more and is soft to the touch. To bring your crystal to a polished form it can take as long as 28 days; as it has to go through various stages of grinding to smooth out the rough edges and get that “clean” look.  The symmetrical shape of a polished tumble can be more comfortable for the user when meditating or holding their crystal. Some people say that polished tumbles aren’t as “powerful” as a rough tumble. However, as long as you cleanse your new crystal when it gets to you, this will remove any energy it has gathered on its way. Your crystal still holds all its beautiful healing properties regardless if it is polished or tumbled. Neither is “better than the other” it’s truly about whatever feels better for you and your special journey.



Clusters contain groups of crystals that have many points formed and grown together over time. Clusters radiate energy from the intention set on it into its surroundings. They absorb negative energy as well as cleanse any negative energy in the space around it. Clusters are powerful energy amplifiers; the best part is you will never find two of the same clusters. Each cluster has its own unique edge. Some interesting ways you can put your clusters to work include, placing smaller crystals inside to cleanse or amplify, placing in your sacred space like bedroom or bathroom to help you feel more energized and may more the lists go on. 



Towers come with a very specific and powerful energy, the purpose of the tower is to direct the energy up and out into your space like a generator. Towers are especially important when placed in a room with other crystals, depending on the stone towers can amplify surrounding crystals energy and sometimes even cleanse them. One way to use towers is to place one in each corner of your room. Take obsidian for an example, if you place these towers in all four corners of the house or specific room that space becomes extremely protective. Another way to use towers is when you’re doing a crystal grid. Whether you are manifesting abundance with Green Aventurine or self-love with Rose Quartz you can place your towers on the middle of the grid to amplify those manifestations.

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