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Crystals E-H


A stone of “successful love” used to assist the user to both give and receive unconditional love. This gorgeous stone promotes friendship, enhances your concentration, removes negative thoughts, and heightens your psychic abilities. Emeralds vibration may bring growth to a variety of areas; especially love, prosperity and wealth. This beautiful stone is deeply connected to the heart chakra and emotions of the heart. Work with Emerald if you are longing for loving energy in your life, spiritual growth, compassion and balance between partners.

Fluorite (Green)

Neutralizes stress, negative thoughts and energy. Flourite enhances the positive energy around you, and adds a calm and soothing energy to the home. Flourite will help you sort through stress, worries, mental chaos, promotes deep relaxation, and better sleep. This beautiful mineral will aid in concentration and self- confidence. Green Flourite brings hormones into balance and recharges all your chakras.

Fluorite (Rainbow)

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Fluorite (Purple)

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Fluorite (Blue)

This calming and uplifting stone will protect your aura and heighten intuition. She will help you visualize, create, and communicate what you truly feel. Blue Flourite will help you let go of obsessions and disappointments, as well as reveal the truth of a friendship. This is a very effective stone for anyone who suffers with eye, ear, throat or sinus problems. Also known to invoke spiritual awakening.


Garnet: Stone of commitment 

This precious gemstone will help balance your heart and base chakra. Garnet boosts your immune system and energy levels. It brings courage, hope, inspiration, passion, positive thoughts and sensuality. It inspires devotion, creativity and love for others as well as yourself. Said to have the ability to warm the user of danger and was used as a protective talisman. Garnet is great for balancing your sex drive and libido. Keep near your other crystals to enhance their powers. Also said to stimulate the metabolism and reenergize your body.

Golden Healer (Quartz)

This stone is considered a master healer like clear Quartz and will help raise your vibrations. Connected to the crown, sacral, and solar plexus chakra and will help keep them in tune and balanced. Golden healer clears blockages and is very powerful but has a gentle energy. It Promotes joy, peace and clarity. Has a strong connection to the sun and can help those who suffer from winter sadness and dull times.


Hematite is a very grounding and protective stone used for clearing confusion, brings higher consciousness. Improves your relationship, increase intuition and stimulates iron absorption. This stone will ground us to the Earth and block negative energy. Hematite is beneficial for those who lack courage, helps to enhance self confidence, will power and self esteem. While Hematite strengthens our connection to the Earth it brings us balance to our mind, body and spirit.


Attunement Stone 

This elegant stone will enhance your creative side and encourage your artistic expression. Howlite can be used to reduce stress, anxiety, insomnia, rude behaviour and rage. Howlite aids in concentration, strength in memory, desire for knowledge, and calming the mind. Howlite is great match for amethyst and keeping it on your nightstand or in your pillowcase can increase your chances of a good nights sleep. This stone is also said to help with out of body experiences, when placed on the third eye it can assist the user in remembering past life experiences/memories.

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