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White Grass

Crystals J-L

Jasper (Kambaba)

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Having this beautiful crystal in your presence is going to help make your dreams come true. This unconditionally loving crystal brings a comforting, cheerful, and protective vibration with it. This extraordinary crystal will show up just when you need it to most. Kunzite will help your heart heal from past trauma with its tender loving energy, especially if those experiences have made it hard for you to trust others. Keep Kunzite close to your heart allowing you to release pains from your past. Kunzite will empower you to believe in yourself and give you the confidence to continue pushing forward on your magical journey.

Jasper (Mookaite)

The stone of “Here and Now” This powerful healing stone promotes strength, physical healing and courage to the user while also connecting you to the earth and its energy. Mookite has a calming vibrational energy associated with it; bringing the user reduced stress, a calm mind, and released negative energies around you. Mookite is a great stone for those who are alone, feel lonely or abandoned because of its comforting energy. Mookite is also a wonderful stone for times when creativity is involved; as it helps draw out new ideas and keeps you on track when trying to achieve your desires.


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Jasper (Red)

Stone of empowerment, strength and stabilization. Red Jasper emphasizes the importance of taking care of yourself. Assists those who have past trauma and are in need of help to heal, especially if you suffer from guilt or shame. Red Jasper is also a stone of endurance, inspiring you to have the will to push past whatever obstacles life is about to throw at you. Highly effective base chakra stone, use to ground your energy before working with any other chakra.


“Stone of transformation”

This stone creates a shield for auras and protects against the negativity around us as well as calming the negativity within ourselves. It awakens your awareness of inner spirit, intuition and psychic abilities, boosts your psychic readings and past life recall. This uplifting crystal will bring in new ideas and enhance your imagination. You will notice the change of colour in this crystal making the stone of transformation enhancing strength of will and inner worth. The hints of blue in this crystal are connected to the throat chakra although the flashes of colour are beneficial to unite all chakras. The darker shades of blue in this beautiful crystal encourages power of truth while the lighter shades encourage power of flexibility, relaxation, and balance.

Lapis Lazuli 

Stone of wisdom 

This stone is powerful for those who seek change in their life, whether it’s your love life, change of jobs, moving or any other new chapter. The Sumerians seen Lapis Lazuli as a home for the spirit of their gods and Egyptians believed it was a symbol of the night sky. To this day Lapis is a stone that shows power through knowledge and helps you take charge of your life and the way you want to live it. Another very effective stone for recognizing bad energy and blocking it from the holder of the stone.


Tips and tricks

  • Wear or hold Lapis during assignments, tests or anything to do with thinking and mental concentration.


Lepidolite, a member of the mica family, is known as a stone of acceptance. This calming stone helps with worry, fear, stress, anxiety and grief. Lepidolite helps you overcome past emotional trauma and helps you live in the present moment. Fun fact, when Lepidolite takes shape of mica (layered and scaled) it is highly amplified. This stone contains lithium and is highly effective for calming mood swings. Known as a “stone of transition” this is a great stone for taking back independence within yourself without depending on anyone else to help. Fun fact, Lepidolite has such a gentle energy that it is often referred to as “the grandmother” stone!

Lava Stone

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