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White Grass

Crystals M-P


Connected directly to the heart chakra, Malachite is a powerful stone for healing heart trauma and promoting self-love. Although some people fear Malachite because of the change it may bring to your life, just know that this change is for the greater good. This stone inspires you to take action and charge of your life while breaking unwanted and unnecessary habits that no longer serve a purpose in your life. Allow Malachite to take you on the most beautiful journeys while you explore and nurture your adventurous side! 


This is a stone that also picks up on pollutants that surround your body like radiation from household appliances.

  • Place near WIFI router to help with EMF 

  • Place near microwave 

  • Place your phone before bed 



My heart is open to new beginnings and I embrace those opportunities with open arms 


Zodiac signs that resonate 

  • Capricorn 

  • Libra 

Obsidian (Rainbow)

Coming Soon



Part of the protective stone group, obsidian dispels any negative energy the surrounds your aura and absorbs that’s negativity to keep you safe. This is a strong grounding stone and will assist you on your journey to beacons closer to yourself and the earth. Use obsidian to release mental tension or any feelings of anxiety/fear. Fun fact about this stone is that it was known in ancient times as “nature’s glass” because when it breaks it becomes very sharp so it was used as tools to keep tribes safe.


Coming Soon


A stone for “new beginnings”

Moonstone will stabilize your emotions to provide calmness and decrease stress. Connected to the magic of the moon, this stone will assist you in acceptance of love wether it’s new love, a first love, or reuniting a past love that ended in anger. Moonstone is a stone of fertility and promotes ease in pregnancy and childbirth. Calming to children, drives away nightmares and can be used to treat  sleepwalking. Moonstone dispels negative energies from all chakras but is mainly connected to your crown chakra.

Obsidian (Gold)

Coming Soon


Coming Soon


Coming Soon


This is a powerful protection stone, shielding you from negative energy and vibrations. Pyrite deflects harm and danger and is great for people who work in harmful situations. This stone stimulates intellect and heightens memory recall. Pyrite is also a heart opening stone and is a crystal for luck and fortune that is said to bring an abundance of wealth to the user. This stone brings success, power and liveliness to your life. Pyrite stimulates the flow of ideas and promotes persistence to finishing tasks to completion. 


Tips and tricks

  • Place in a piggybank along with Green Aventurine and Citrine to bring wealth, abundance and growth to your money. Don’t forget to set your intention on that crystal, you can be specific with the amount of money you are requesting, or you can ask the universe for *insert amount* or better! 

  • Place a tumble in your pocket when entering dangerous situations for protection

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