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Malachite Bracelet

Malachite Bracelet




Connected directly to the heart chakra, Malachite is a powerful stone for healing heart trauma and promoting self-love. Although some people fear Malachite because of the change it may bring to your life, just know that this change is for the greater good. This stone inspires you to take action and charge of your life while breaking unwanted and unnecessary habits that no longer serve a purpose in your life. Allow Malachite to take you on the most beautiful journeys while you explore and nurture your adventurous side!

This is a stone that also picks up on pollutants that surround your body like radiation from house hold appliances. Ways to use Malachite

⁃Place near wifi router to help with EMF

⁃Place near microwave

⁃Place your phone before bed


My heart is open to new beginnings and I embrace those opportunities with open arms 💚

Zodiac signs that resonate


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