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Ye Ming Zhu
  • Ye Ming Zhu


    Ye Ming Zhu

    Ye- “night”

    Ming- “bright”

    Zhu- “pearl”

    Said to attract good fortune, enhance your Aura and bring greater health. Ye Ming Zhu is a powerful manifestation and mediation tool.

    The ancient Ye Ming Zhu was highly valued for its rarity and beauty. Only found in China, the original pieces of Ye Ming Zhu would have only been owned by emperors and royalty. The modern Ye Ming Zhu came to be in 2001 when 3 Chinese scientist studied the stone and alchemized the rare earth elements (mainly Lanthanum, Europium and Dysprosium) that make up this incredible stone.

    Ye Ming Zhu has the ability to absorb energy and store information. Use this stone to clear energy blockages and raise your vibration. Ye Ming Zhu activates Chi (Qi) energy and brings balance to the user.

    Charge your Ye Ming Zhu in the sunlight so this powerful stone can give back to you.

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